Comparing SB 200 & PERA Board Proposal

Click here for an excel version of this chart with additional details. Impacts Division(s) Currently SB 200 PERA Board Proposal Statutory Employer Contributions Overall +2% 1% (7/1/2018) 1% 7/1/2019) +2% (7/1/2020) Active Employee Contributions Overall +3% .5% increase (7/1/2018) .5% increase (1/1/2019) 1% increase (7/1/2019) 1% increase (1/1/2020) +3% New Employee Contributions Overall +3% .5% […]

Governor Proposes Changes to PERA

On November 1st, Governor Hickenlooper announced a proposed package of changes to the PERA system. Here, we walk through these proposed changes and how they compare to those offered by the PERA Board of Trustees. Once you’ve read it through, take our survey to let us know what you think. We are your voice at […]