Who We Are

First, we are not PERA. Secure PERA is a coalition of PERA members, retirees and supporters. Collectively, we are dedicated to supporting retirement security for all Coloradans. Our work is funded by the member organizations, which include:

Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals
Colorado Association of School Executives
Colorado Education Association
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
CSPERA - Colorado School & Public Employees Retirement Association
Colorado WINS
NPPC- National Public Pension Coalition

We first formed in 2006 to work with PERA and the State Legislature on changes to PERA’s defined benefit plan. In 2009, after the market crash of 2008, we re-activated our coalition. We were part of the bi-partisan team that created Senate Bill 1 in 2010.  Senate Bill 1 was the first major reform of its kind in the nation and put PERA on a path to financial stability.

Today, we continue to advocate for policies that protect and improve PERA’s fiscal stability, and oppose legislation that negatively impacts the retirement security of hard-working Coloradans.