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Will State Budget Cuts Hurt PERA?

As part of the unprecedented budget balancing efforts to address the drastic shortfall from the Corona virus pandemic, Colorado’s Joint Budget Committee (JBC) is weighing big decisions that will likely
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Secure PERA endorses David Hall for PERA Board of Trustees

Election season is underway for PERA Board of Trustees. PERA members in the State Division will soon get the chance to vote for a member to represent them on the
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Corporate Tax Giveaways Harm State Revenues

According to a recently released report by Good Jobs First, “for Colorado, reducing corporate subsidies can go a long way to salvage the revenue needed to meet its yearly public
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2020 Legislative Session is Underway!

With the new year, a new legislative session has started and will continue until May 6, 2020. Secure PERA monitors all PERA related legislation and takes positions on critical bills.
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