State Legislature Renews its Commitment to PERA

The Governor will soon sign the 2021-2022 state budget. Last week, the Colorado Legislature finalized its work on the $34.1 billion budget, which funds many of the programs that were cut last year, sets aside additional funds for next year, and renews the state’s commitment to the long-term viability of PERA.

This means the state will make its $225 million obligation on July 1, 2021 and already has the money set aside to pay it next year as well. These actions are being done through two bills – the “Long Bill”, SB21-205, and a companion bill, SB21-228.

Thank you to the Secure PERA members who advocated with JBC members and legislators and sent more than 2,600 emails to make this happen. Your efforts had a big impact!

Secure PERA announces its PERA Board of Trustee endorsements

Secure PERA is proud to endorse four candidates this year for the PERA Board of Trustees. PERA is managed by a 15-member Board of Trustees. Eleven of the trustees are elected by PERA participants. The others are appointed by the Governor, except for the State Treasurer, who serves on the board as part of their elected position.

Beginning May 3, PERA will send out ballots to all PERA participants who are in divisions with elections. This year, there are elections in the State, School and Retiree divisions. PERA members have until May 31 to vote.

The following candidates measured up on Secure PERA’s values and beliefs on public pensions. You can read their official PERA bios here (as well as the bios of all candidates running).

State Division
  • Brian Tapley
School Division
  • Tina Mueh
  • Marcus Pennell
Retiree Division
  • Julie Friedemann

What does the PERA Board of Trustees do? Read more about it here.