Write a letter to your local newspaper!

Across the state, pension payments are helping Colorado through these tough economic times. We already know that PERA is a economic driver for our state. A study by Pacey Economics found that PERA generates $6.5 Billion in economic output in 2018. And now, a national report released in March 2020 by the National Institute on Retirement Security, found that retirees who are in a pension plan are critical to their local economies in small towns and rural communities.  Check out this great graphic from PERA.

PERA is facing some pretty big hits – from the downturn in the market to the potential cuts in payments from the state as required by SB18-200. Now is the time to be vocal about the importance of your pension, especially if you are a retiree in a small or rural community.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the positive impact your pension has in your community. Need some help? Use this helpful form to submit a letter to your local newspaper.

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