Write a letter in support of PERA to your editorial board!

Below are some suggested points you can make while writing your letter to the editor. If you have any questions about writing a letter to the editor, please email us at SecurePERA@gmail.com.

1) PERA puts $6.5 billion annually into Colorado’s economy. You can click here to find out how much specifically goes into your County. Retirement security is very important for all Coloradans and without the PERA payments into many of our communities their local economies would suffer greatly.

2) PERA retirees do not receive social security for the time they are a public servant

3) Past legislation – both SB10-1 and SB18-200 – required employees and employers to pay more, employees to work longer and retirees to give up their COLA for a year. 90% of the burden of these reforms were shouldered by employees and retirees not taxpayers.

4) Employees put their money into PERA and their employers also invested on their behalf – don’t break the promises that were made

5) Lastly, put a face on PERA – we are teachers, snowplow drivers, prison guard, first responders – the people who keep Colorado working.

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