2020 Legislative Session is Underway!

With the new year, a new legislative session has started and will continue until May 6, 2020. Secure PERA monitors all PERA related legislation and takes positions on critical bills. We already have a handful bills introduced (see SB20-057 and  HB20-1127) and expect more on the horizon including potential legislation related to divestment. Sign up for Secure PERA emails, and we will keep you updated on these issues and future legislation.

Get to Know Your Legislators

The start of a new session is a good time to connect with your legislator. Find out who they are by clicking on this link. We encourage you to attend any town hall meetings your legislators have and ask about their support for PERA. The best way to know about these is to sign up for their newsletters. You can look up your legislators above, then google to find their campaign websites and sign up for their emails.

Pensions on Main Street

Pensions on Main Street

Pensions have a major economic benefit for Colorado.  Pensions have benefits not just for the retirees but for every dollar they spend it creates $2.13 in economic activity. 

Stapleton, Liar or Just Confused?

Walker Stapleton claims he attends 90% of PERA Board Meetings. We did some research - in his tenure as Treasurer, Walker has attended only 53% of the PERA Board Meetings, and even then often didn’t stay for the whole meeting.

SB 200 Final Version

Here is what the Colorado Assembly passed late Wednesday night with less than an hour left in the session.