HB 15-1388 The SCORE Act

In 2010, Colorado led the nation in creating a bi-partisan solution to stabilize the funding of our public employee pension plan. In 2015, we are proposing, along with the Governor and PERA, an innovative plan to securitize PERA contributions and lock in the changes made under Senate Bill 1 in 2010.


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PIed HB 15-1235 – Colorado Retirement Security Taskforce

The Colorado Retirement Security Task Force bill creates a legislative task force that will make recommendations for increasing the number of Coloradans working in the private sector who have invested for their retirement and are enrolled in a retirement plan.

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New GASB Accounting Standards

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) issued two new statements that will change the way a public retirement system like Colorado PERA discloses its pension information.

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Ben Moultrie Testimony Against SB80

The AARP believes strongly that Americans are faced with a crisis where the goal of achieving adequate and secure retirement income is becoming increasingly difficult. SB 80 adds to that difficulty for Coloradans.

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PIed SB15-80 Participation In PERA’s Defined Contribution Plan

This bill would allow all PERA employees the option to choose the PERA pension plan or the 401(k) style plan. Currently, State employees have this option. This bill would expand that option to all divisions.

Secure PERA opposes this bill. Retirement security for our employees is of the utmost importance and this bill erodes that security.

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PASSED: SB 15-97 Supplemental Needs Trust for PERA Benefits

This bill fixes the law to protect dependents who are disabled from losing access to needs-based government benefits because of their designation as a beneficiary and protects those rights upon the death of the PERA recipient.

Secure PERA supports this bill.

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2015 Legislative Session

The 2015 legislative session has begun! Here is contact information for all of the legislators.

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Colorado Retirement Security

During the 2014 legislative session we supported HB 1377 that would have formed a task force to look at how we can help more Coloradans save for their retirement. Learn more about why we supported this bill.

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Secure PERA Telephone Town Hall Meetings

Thank you to the thousands of you who joined us on our telephone town hall calls. If you missed our call you can download it here.

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