Secure PERA Announces 2022 Candidate Endorsements

Secure PERA is proud to announce our bi-partisan endorsements for the November 2022 election. These candidates earned our endorsement based on their positions on PERA. Below you will find their websites so you can learn more about the candidates, volunteer for them and donate. Due to redistricting, legislative districts have changed. You can find out more about these new districts on the Colorado General Assembly Website.


State Senate3Nick
State Senate7Janice
State Senate8Dylan
State Senate8Matt
State Senate11Tony
State Senate15Janice
State Senate20Lisa
State Senate22Jessie
State Senate24Kyle
State Senate25Faith
State Senate27Tom
State Senate30Kevin Van
State Senate34Julie
State House2Steven
State House3Meg
State House4Serena
State House5Alex
State House6Elisabeth
State House7Jennifer
State House9Emily
State House10Junie
State House11Karen
State House12Tracey
State House13Julie
State House16Stephanie
State House18Mark
State House19Jennifer
State House21Mary
State House23Monica
State House24Lindsey
State House25Tammy
State House26Meghan
State House27Brianna
State House28Shelia
State House29Shannon
State House30Chris
State House32Dafna Michaleson
State House33William
State House36Mike
State House37Ruby
State House38David
State House40Naquetta
State House41Iman
State House46Tisha
State House49Judith
State House50Mary
State House51Hugh
State House52Cathy
State House53Andrew
State House55Damon
State House55Rick
State House57Perry
State House59Barbara
State House61Eliza


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