PERA Releases 2014 CAFR Report

PERA earned a 5.7% rate of return so retirees will be receiving a COLA (cost of living adjustment) this year. Making PERA’s 30-year rate of return 9.4% – you may remember PERA lowered its 30 year expected rate of return to 7.5% over a year ago, and they continue to remain above that!

Below is the infographic that PERA released in light of the CAFR release and the Pacey study of how PERA contributes more than $5 billion into Colorado’s economy, helping to sustain over 29 thousand jobs.

You can view the CAFR here and the Pacey study here.

Please copy the infographic below highlighting how Secure PERA is as an economic generator for Colorado and share it with your network.


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