PERA Release Senate Bill 1 Five Year Review Study

As part of the changes implemented in SB 1, PERA is required to report to the General Assembly every five years “regarding the economic impact of the 2010 legislative session changes to the annual increase provisions on the retirees and benefit recipients as compared to the actual rate of inflation and the progress made toward eliminating the unfunded liabilities.”

Key Findings:

  • As a result of the SB 1 reforms, PERA is sustainable.
  • Over the past five years, SB 1 reforms saved PERA approximately $15 billion in unfunded liability.
  • The SB 1 reform with the most significant impact over the last five years is the reduction in Annual Increase provisions which accounts for over 90 percent of the $15 billion in savings to date.
  • Even recognizing the SB 1 reforms which changed the Annual Increase provisions, PERA benefit recipients kept up with U.S. inflation over the last five-year period.
  • The funded ratios of the two largest Divisions of PERA (State and School) are slightly ahead of the original projections developed at the time SB 1 was implemented in 2010.

You can read the report for yourself by clicking here.

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