HB11 1248 – Modify the Composition of the PERA Board of Trustees

Secure PERA Opposes HB11 1248 and all efforts to change the PERA Board of Trustees. The bill was “postponed indefinitely” (PIed) on May 6, 2011 in the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee.

House Bill 1248 is sponsored by Rep. Jim Kerr (R-Littleton) and Sen. Ellen Roberts (R-Durango). The bill modifies the composition of the PERA Board of Trustees so that it is comprised of:

6 Trustees appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate who are not PERA members or retirees and who are experts in certain fields;

  • The State Treasurer;
  • 2 elected members from the state division;
  • 3 elected members from the school division;
  • One elected member from each of the local government and judicial divisions;
  • One elected retiree; and
  • The ex officio trustee from the Denver public school division.

The bill also requires that one elected member from each of the state and school divisions be at least 15 years from retirement eligibility when the member begins serving his or her first term on the board. The bill allows current trustees to finish serving their terms and eliminates trustees who represent each of the divisions and retirees as their terms expire.

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