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PERA: Best Bang For Your Buck

This week we got some good news. PERA is more efficient and costs less than other retirement plans! The Colorado State Auditor’s Office released an independent report that examined Colorado PERA’s retirement plan design and compared it to alternative public and private sector retirement savings options. The Auditor’s office teamed up with Gabriel, Roeder, Smith […]

PERA Releases 2104 CAFR Report

On June 23 PERA released their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, also known as the CAFR. The defined benefit plan has the most money it has ever had at $44.2 billion. In 2014, PERA distributed $3.9 billion to former public employees. Of that $3.9 billon, $3.5 billion went to Colorado retirees who spend those dollars here […]

PERA Puts $3.5 Billion Directly Into Colorado’s Economy

A new report was released in June by Colorado PERA, “Colorado PERA Economic and Fiscal Impacts”. The report, which was prepared by the economic and business analysis firm Pacey Economics, shows that distributions from Colorado PERA translate to $5.2 billion in economic output. This helps support more than 29,000 Colorado jobs annually.

Changes Made By Senate Bill 1

The exact details of how Senate Bill 1 affects employees can be found here and the exact details on how it effect retirees can be found here. You can read Senate Bill 1 in its entirety here. But, if you want the summary version here it is: In 2009 the Coalition began meeting with PERA […]

Senate Bill 10 -1

2010 Senate Bill 1 Helped Secure PERA In 2008, Wall Street recklessly gambled with the future of retirees and working families across our nation. As a result, PERA, like most defined benefit plans lost money and is facing critical questions about its long-term solvency. Colorado also faces a more immediate dilemma: how do we make […]

Senate Bill 11-76

Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security Oppose Senate Bill 76 UPDATE: The amendment was removed that included the school, DPS and local government divisions. Only state and judicial divisions remain in the swap. We all learned what shared sacrifice was during the 2010 session by accepting the changes in Senate Bill 1 that were required to […]