CCRS’ Guiding Principles

The Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security (CCRS) supports retirement security for all Coloradans.

CCRS supports Senate Bill 1 (2010) and advocates allowing the bill to function as adopted ensuring PERA’s fiscal stability.

CCRS opposes any concepts, proposals or legislation putting the long term fiscal stability of PERA in jeopardy including:

  • “Swapping” any PERA contributions from the employer’s responsibility to the employee. This action jeopardizes the fiscal stability of the fund by increasing the unfunded actuarial accrued liability.
  • Modifying the composition of the PERA Board. Research has shown that boards with strong member representation deliver better pension fund earnings.
  • Modifying the primary structure of PERA’s defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan which would undermine the fiscal security of the plan.