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House Bill 12-1179 - PERA Board Composition

This bill had a public hearing in front of the House Finance committee on February 23rd. We are waiting for the committee to now schedule a vote on this bill. This bill was postponed indefinitely. HB 12-1179 is  sponsored by Representative Jim Kerr (R-Littleton). The bill would replace four of the elected positions on the […]

House Bill 12-1142- Defined Contribution Access

Update 3/23/12 - The sponsor Rep. DelGrosso requested that his bill be killed in appropriations - the vote was 8-5 to kill the bill. This bill is now dead. This bill was amended on March 1st to only affect new hires. The bill will now be heard in the House Appropriations Committee. You can see […]

House Bill 12-1250 - The End of PERA Care

House Bill 1250 was introduced by Representative Holbert. This bill changes the way the PERA health care trust fund is funded. Currently, employers pay 1.02% of employee salaries into the fund. HB 1250 would change this funding mechanism which would result in the trust fund not being adequately funded and could result in the end […]

Senate Bill 12-82 - Retire at Social Security Eligibility Age

This bill was introduced  by Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch). It would require that  age  requirements for receiving PERA benefits would match the age requirements for  receiving Social Security benefits for  any new  PERA member hired on or after January 1, 2013. CCRS opposed this and all bills that would affect the shared sacrifice we […]

Senate Bill 12-136 - Compensation Report

SB 136 would change the annual compensation survey from annually to bi-annually. This bill would also require the state personnel director to include in the report recommendations and estimated costs for state employee retirement benefits for the next fiscal year. The Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security opposes this bill. The annual compensation report has not […]