Why Secure PERA?

There are many pluses to defined benefit plans like PERA:

  • They help to attract and retain high quality public employees
  • They are a sound income replacement for life – you won’t outlive your retirement
  • They require shared responsibility through employee & employer contributions
  • They create a shared investment risk
  • They provide survivor & disability protection
  • They are the lowest-cost retirement plan to run
  • Pensions are an economic engine benefiting local business, and promote stability in national markets, keeping America strong.

Research by the National Institute on Retirement Security shows:

  • 65% of American’s with pensions are confident their pension will be there when they retire – compared to only approx. 50% of those with 401(k) type accounts
  • 87% of Americans believe all workers should have a pension so that they can be self-reliant in retirement – this is defined by having enough money to pay the bills and fulfill basic needs.
  • The most desired features of a retirement plan are portability, followed by employer contribution, continuation for a spouse after death, and a regular paycheck that cannot be outlived.

The Economic Benefits of PERA

The National Institute on Retirement Security conducted research on the economic impact pension benefits have in Colorado. A one-pager created by NIRS can be found here.

This research is based on 2006 data.