SB 200 - Differences Between Senate & House Versions

Now that Senate Bill 200 has passed out of the House, the Senate now can adhere to the changes the House made or go to a conference committee and work out their differences. We are getting a lot of questions about what was in the bill in each house. Below is a chart laying out where Senate Bill 200 was coming out of the Senate (you can read the Senate final version of the bill here, remember the bill summary only represents how the bill was introduced so you have to read the actual bill text) and where it ended up coming out of the House (full bill version available here). We’ve also included some info on where these pieces stand currently and what the PERA Board recommended. If you have questions about which piece applies to whom, please visit our blog post on SB 200 with all of the details here.

You can click on the chart to see a larger version.