Look at what Candidates have been saying about PERA on the Campaign Trail

Many of you have asked about what candidates are saying about PERA on the campaign trail. Here are a few we have seen. Have one to share with us? Send it to SecurePERA@gmail.com


Bob Beauprez, Candidate for Governor

August 29th in Sterling – Beauprez advocated for getting rid of PERA’s pension 

“PERA is broken, no doubt about it,” Beauprez said, adding that he agrees State Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s plan to fix it. “If you don’t reform the system, you’ve several options: you’re going to have to pay in more, you’ve got to readjust the compensation level down, or move to a defined contribution plan as opposed to a defined benefit plan.” Sterling Journal Advocate – Beauprez speaks at republican lunch

May 3rd in Westminster – Beauprez pledged to reform PERA

“Beauprez also pledged to take up the “challenge of reforming PERA,” the state’s retirement system for public employees.” Colorado Statesman – Gubernatorial challengers jab Hickenlooper

 Walker Stapleton, State Treasurer

Walker’s Attendance at PERA Board Meetings has been discussed repeatedly – since taking office Stapleton has attended 12 out of the 34 PERA Board meetings, less than 35% of the meetings. Here are the facts per PERA Board minutes.

2011 – Walker attended 3 of the 12 meetings

2012 – Walker attended 3 of the 10 meetings but left early at 2 of the 3 he attended

2013 – Walker attended 2 of the 7 meetings but left early at both of them

2014 – Walker has attended 4 of the 5 board meetings leaving early at 3 of them.

Here are the PERA Board meeting minutes for you to check yourself 

February 8, 2010 in Canon City – Stapleton says PERA retirees should suffer

“It’s time, unfortunately, that everyone that benefits from PERA suffers.” Canon City Daily Record – Gubernatorial candidate focused on job creation